Red Rain

Actual Rains of Blood

Have there ever been actual rains of blood? We have on file numerous cases in which blood was believed to have showered from the skies, but there are only a few in which the substance was analyzed and turned out to be blood.

One such case occurred on May 15, 1890,in Messignadi, Calabria and was described in Popular Science News (35: p.104). A blood rain was identified by the Italian Meteorological Bureau as bird's blood. The explanation proposed by the Italian Meteorological Bureau was that "migratory birds...were caught and torn in a violent wind." There was no mention that there was in fact a violent wind at the time and no bird or part of a bird was seen to have fallen--only blood.

On August 1, 1869, a three minute shower of flesh and blood fell from the sky onto the farm of J. Hudson in Los Nietos Township, California. The materials that fell covered several acres, the conventional explanation being that sloppy buzzards flying overhead were the source of the rain of gore.


İMark Chorvinsky, 1995