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John Sippola found a crop circle on his property some 12 miles north of Wapella, in Saskatchewan, Canada. Though discovered on Saturday September 5, 1998, it was thought by Sippola and his wife Charlene to have formed sometime during the preceding week. He had been working on his oat crop when he found the circle, which had an 11-foot diameter and was flattened counter-clockwise. This was not the only such recent occurrence in Canada. The preceding month, circles had been discovered in a barley field near Highway 9 in Qu'Appelle Valley; and two circles had shown up in Rocanville the preceding year.

As of mid-September 1998, none of their origins had been explained.

Sources: Spectator (Whitewood, Saskatchewan, Canada), 8/21/98; World-Spectator (Moosomin, Saskatchewan, Canada), 9/14/98  

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