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Dusty Davis has described a disastrous 1998 encounter with Africanized ("killer") bees on the Winship Ranch in Maverick County, South Texas. He spoke of how a few cowboys tied up horses to both ends of a storage boxcar. Then the men worked with the cattle in the pens not far away until bees were seen to be swarming on the horses by the boxcar.

Bees covered the head of one horse, so Davis attempted to untie its rope. In this unsuccessful effort, he was stung 30 or 40 times. Another horse managed to get away, but the most overwhelmed equine suffered fatal consequences, described by Davis: "At one point, you could see the shape of a horse, but you couldn't see the horse." Davis also spoke of how the hive of killer bees was eliminated, and of how he was saddened by the death of the horse.

Source: Austin American Statesman, 11/22/98

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