Contributors Guidelines


Strange Magazine Online and feature the top researchers, investigators, theorists and writers in the field of strange phenomena and allied areas of interest, who contribute well-researched, thought-provoking articles, features and columns covering all aspects of the seemingly inexplicable and anomalous.

We are looking for open-minded, level-headed, high-quality material on strange phenomena. Our interests lie primarily in original research and investigations that have never before been published. We generally avoid republication and dislike rehashes.

Authors are urged to read our website in order to understand its style.

It is recommended that you send a query e-mail before submitting articles, describing the piece's idea and planned handling. We cannot be held responsible for unsolicited material of any kind.

Articles of all lengths are needed, especially those of between 4000 to 6000 words, and shorter ones with a 1500 word count. Articles should be fully referenced. Below is a sample of our footnote style. We require citations of author, title of book or article, source (if a periodical), city of publication, publisher, date, and page number.

Other wants include reviews of books dealing with strangeness (at approximately 500-700 words), films, videos, and CDs (200 words), and essays on topics within our purview.

Clips (brief write-ups of relevant news items) are always needed. When submitting, please also provide links to online original news reports.

On all of the above, a high standard of accuracy is essential.

All submissions are voluntary in nature; we are not a paying market.

We appreciate the submission, via email, of any scanned or digital photographs and line drawings that would serve to illustrate submitted articles. You are responsible for any copyright permissions needed, so please obtain them where needed (or inform us of Public Domain status), and provide us with any relevant documents varifying copyright status of any submitted artwork or photos.

We do not accept simultaneous submissions. Strange acquires first serial rights.

Sample Footnote Style

1. Charles Fort, The Book of the Damned (New York: Ace Books, 1960s reprint), p. 56.

2. Ibid., p. 174.

3. Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe, Evolution From Space (New York: Simon and Schuster, 1981), pp. 116-117.

4. Ibid., p. 124.

5. Gardner Soule, "Space Meteorite Arrives with Winged Fossil Aboard," The Anderson Independent, 23 August 1963 [reprinted from The Daily Mail], p. 25.

6. Timothy Leary, Changing My Mind, Among Others (New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1982), p. 188.

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