SCOTT CORRALES on UFOs and Mystery Animals in Central and South America


The body of a strange being--allegedly not native to this world--is being hidden from the Federal government's eyes somewhere in Puerto Rico.

In the winter issue of Evidencia Ovni magazine, Puerto Rican ufologist Jorge Martín published photos of what appears to be a dessicated humanoid, bearing some of the supposed characteristics of the "Grey" type alien, but far smaller in size. These photos have been in existence since the early 1980s, when the bizarre entity was allegedly slain by human hands.

According to the version of the story that bears the greatest weight, a cattle rancher in northern Puerto Rico became alarmed at the growing number of animal mutilations taking place on his property, and decided to mount a vigil one night with two friends, all three of them armed with 30-30 rifles, in order to capture the culprit.

The mutilators turned out to be four small, strange creatures which emerged from beyond a nearby mountain stream. The dumbfounded humans looked on as the foursome entered a stable and extracted a small heifer by means of levitation. The animal appeared abnormally still and floated above the creatures.

The cattle rancher fired at the small entities repeatedly, scoring a direct hit on one of them, causing it to fall to the ground and issue strange shrieking noises. The heifer plummeted to the ground while the three remaining creatures tried to succor the wounded one, which attempted to rise to its feet. Before this could happen, the cattle rancher and his friends fired another volley at the beings, who fled into the night, abandoning their companion. One of the rancher's comrades delivered a crushing blow to the wounded creature's head with a piece of wood, killing it.

The mystery being has been in and out of freezers for the past decade, removed on one occasion to be photographed by one of the rancher's relatives. The rancher himself has refused to step forward or allow specialists to examine his prized possession out of fear that "the U.S. authorities on the island would take action against him to cover up such of evidence."

The four photographs published by Martín in his article appear to belong to a sequence of 22 photographs showing different angles of the dead creature.

There exists another version of the capture and slaying of the presumed "alien." It holds that a young man looking for archeological remains in the mountains near the Camp Santiago Army Base in Salinas, Puerto Rico was suddenly surrounded by a number of diminutive beings between a foot to two feet in height. The humanoid tried seizing the young man by the legs. The terrified human allegedly picked up a piece of wood from the ground and killed one of his assailants by delivering a strong blow to the head. He then wrapped the tiny cadaver up in his jacket and took it home. The creature was put in formaldehyde by a local chemist.

Detractors of this most unusual find claim that it is merely the fetus of some small simian, but experts who have seen the photograph have argued that it represents an adult of its kind, since it has short, sharp fingernails not found in any fetus, and other features that point to its origin far from any anthropoidal class. We eagerly await the next issue of Evidencia Ovni, in which medical experts will be discussing the mystery corpse.

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