Red Rain

Red Rain and the Little People

One approach to red rain places this phenomenon in the context of belief in the Little People. Lewis Spence, in The Fairy Tradition in Britain, (Rider, London, 1948, pp. 60-1) talks about the Sluagh, or hosts of Little People that engage in mid-air battles. The sounds of their fighting, including their shouts and the noise of clashing armor, could be heard by witnesses on the ground below.

Spence cites A. A. Macgregor (The Peat-Fire Flame, p. 88) concerning the belief of the people of the northern Outer Hebrides off Scotland that "after one of these conflicts the rocks and boulders are stained as with blood, and that the red crotal used for dying cloth, and taken from lichened rocks after a spell of hard frost, is called 'the blood of the hosts' (Fuil nan Sluagh)."


İMark Chorvinsky, 1995