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Skull Channelling: The Fringe's Fringe

A number of psychics-cum-channels have reported communion with the crystal skulls, putting together a series of "inspired revelations" that often portray the skulls as once-living, computer-like devices with communicatory powers, dispensing wisdom, and historical visions of various races. These include many sightings (of UFOs, of those entities living within the hollow earth, of cities under the sea, unknown creatures and of various reaches of outer space) within the "layers" of the crystals. Not all their revelations agree in every particular, but they are all closely tied in with the occult metaphysics that has been promulgated for the last century-and-a-half by a number of western brotherhoods (in whose legends Atlantis plays a big part). It is possible that many of them may have taken archetypal psychological material stimulated by their meditations on the skull(s) and interpreted it as outward (if sometimes other-dimensional) reality, rather than as inward experiences shaped by their sharing of information and by their similar brands of metaphysics. If Dorland's belief (that the crystal skull itself does not display any strange manifestations) is correct, then the current wave of skull claims (in which the skull is portrayed as a projector that shows movies of the past) is problematic at best. Rather, Dorland would suggest, and I would tend to concur, that the skull acts a bridge in connecting waking-state consciousness with the subconscious mind and with the collective unconscious.

With respect to channeling and the skull, there is now even a book entitled The Skull Speaks. What does it have to say? Here is a sample: "All those that are drawn within the presence of the Crystal Skull have decided to join the consciousness of the Love and the One vibration." Another example: "If the mind of each individual has the power of creation, then let us create harmony and compatibility." This is quite a far cry from its previous attributed behavior.

In any event, mind-boggling ideas have abounded, many of them related in the book Mysteries of the Crystal Skull Revealed!! by Sandra Bowen, F.R. "Nick" Nocerino and Joshua Shapiro. For example, Michael Kant, a cosmic channel, has stated that the Mitchell-Hedges Skull was once the human skull of Atlantean Priestess Sha-thee-tra (which was altered by fellow priests into crystal using "Morphocrystallic Transformation") and that the "Thirteen Crystal Skulls" are "biocrystalline totems to symbolize each of these twelve tribes of the Inner Earth and carry each tribe's frequencies and genetics." His cosmology also takes into account the Great White Brotherhood, Light Ships (UFOs), unicorns, and crystal use by Dolphins.

Sandra Bowen has undergone a "UFO Abduction" experience in connection with Nocerino's quartz crystal studies. He allegedly conducted the hypnotic regressions that retrieved her story of abduction by aliens who told her of how they gave earth-inhabitants their crystal skull technologies.

Nocerino and company have been responsible for many of the wilder claims for the skull and in doing so have given new meaning to the word credulity. The proliferating claims for strange phenomena involving the skull will be dealt with in full in a future article.

"It [the Mitchell-Hedges Skull] summons people to it," reveals trance medium Carole Davis (who authored/channeled the aforementioned book, The Skull Speaks) in a session with the skull that was shown in a video entitled Psychic Connection. But no one is given all the information it possesses, she relates, for out of that would come the corruptions of too much power vested in single individuals. Her speaking for the skull is fascinating to listen to, for she commences each trance with unearthly shrieks.

Frank Dorland has an unusual reason for doubting the more striking claims made by Kant and company: He feels that certain energies can be fed into the crystal. Having electronic attributes, the crystal keeps repeating these energies so that the next person viewing or touching the crystal could possibly receive and understand the previous thoughts or energies instilled into the electronic crystal. It is believed that, like a tape recorder, any ancient message would long ago have been subdued by the more recent activities. Dorland feels that there is a limit to the number of "energy-inputs" that can be made until all previous energies are "pushed-under and subdued into nothingness by the most recent three or four activities."

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