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Frank Dorland On The Crystal Skull

The following are excerpts from a recent [circa 1988] conversation between Frank Dorland and Mark Chorvinsky concerning the nature of the varied phenomena that Dorland experienced during the years that the skull was in his care.

Sensory Phenomena

Dorland: "I would say that the skull — the mass of crystal — in some way triggered certain reflexes in the brain .. .to make you think that you were tasting things, hearing things or seeing things...."

Thirsty Sensation

"Almost always the skull caused people to be thirsty."


"I could smell a high, icy mountain stream. I have smelled that ...up in the mountains.... Every once in a while there would be [something] a little like a vinegar smell."


"The visions — those were all subjective, because everybody saw things but each one saw something different."


"It is quite confusing to explain a sound. What I heard was like chanting voices, all in harmony and sort of singing. No musical instruments, just voices, very soft and sort of mixed in with wind."

MC: "Do you feel that you heard them though your ears or in your head?"

"Only in my head because we would turn on the tape recorder and [upon hearing the sounds] would say `Wow,' and the tape recorder wouldn't get a thing."


"We were able to photograph — one time — an aura around the skull. But it wasn't strong enough to print in a publication and make it worthwhile."


MC: "There are various photographs of the skull supposedly showing what some feel are objects and places: fish, UFOs, the observatory at Machu Pichu. How does this notion of taking photographs of 'real-life' objects inside the skull mesh with the concept that, essentially, everything happening with the skull is happening subjectively, internally? Doesn't this seem to be an objective phenomenon that you are describing, with respect to the photographs?"

Dorland: "The truth of it is that I sincerely believe, that when you photograph the skull dozens and dozens and dozens of times, so the end result is that you have thousands of negatives, there are inkblot-like scenes in there and people all of a sudden see things. What they are actually is reflections of reflections within the room, of different objects, so distorted that they appear as if they were something. But I have myself been shaken up a little bit, because I have seen scenes in there — I would enlarge a section and I would see an interior of a temple with a long thing like a coffin, with maybe a dozen skulls sitting on top of it. I guess I made that up in my mind, but it sure looks like that each time I look at it. Scientifically it just has to be reflections of reflections that you dissolve in your own mind and make into something. I don't believe in things being so much on the psychic side that these things mysteriously and spiritually appear. I really don't believe it. But there are happenings that certainly are coincidental that make you think that there must be something else going on."

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