Review Index

Alien Life: The Search for Extraterrestrials and Beyond
by Barry Parker, Drawings by Lori Scoffield

Bigfoot on the East Coast
by Rick Berry

Biological Anomalies: Humans II
Compiled by William R. Corliss

Cadborosaurus: Survivor From The Deep
by Dr. Paul H. LeBlond and Dr. Edward L. Bousfield

California's Bigfoot/Sasquatch
by Tom Morris

Dimensions of Enchantment: The Mystery of UFO Abductions, Close Encounters and Aliens
by Manfred Cassirer

Doctor Who — The Complete First Series DVD/TV Review
by Douglas Chapman

Dragons: A Natural History
by Dr. Karl Shuker

Electric UFOs: Fireballs, Electromagnetics and Abnormal States
by Albert Budden

Far-Out Adventures: The Best of World Explorer Magazine
Edited by David Hatcher Childress

Figments of Reality: The Evolution of the Curious Mind
by Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen

The Genesis of Israel and Egypt: An Enquiry into the Origins of Egyptian and Hebrew History
by E. J. Sweeney

Ghost Encounters: Finding Phantoms and Understanding Them
by Cassandra Eason

Government Records: Results of a Search for Records Concerning the 1947 Crash Near Roswell, New Mexico

Grand Illusions: The Spectral Reality Underlying Sexual UFO Abductions, Crashed Saucers, Afterlife Experiences, Sacred Ancient Sites, and Other Enigmas
by Gregory L. Little

A History of UFO Crashes
by Kevin D. Randle

In Search Of Prehistoric Survivors
by Dr. Karl P. N. Shuker

Labyrinth 13: True Tales of the Occult, Crime & Conspiracy
By Curt Rowlett

Lessons from the Light: What We Can Learn from the Near-Death Experience
by Kenneth Ring and Evelyn Elsaesser Valarino

Life After Death and The World Beyond: Investigating Heaven and The Spiritual Dimension
by Jenny Randles and Peter Hough

Lost Science
by Gerry Vassilatos

by David L. Davidson

Report of Air Force Research Regarding the "Roswell Incident"
by Richard L. Weaver, Col., USAF

UFO Crash Landing? Friend or Foe? The Full Story of the Rendlesham Forest Close Encounter
by Jenny Randles

The UFO Encyclopedia: The Phenomenon from the Beginning Volume 1: A-K; Volume 2: L-Z
by Jerome Clark

Watch the Skies! A Chronicle of the Flying Saucer Myth
by Curtis Peebles

Weird Happens: Investigator Handbook
by Robert A. Goerman

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