WEIRD HAPPENS: Investigator Handbook

by Robert A. Goerman
Baltimore: Publish America; 2007, 187 pages

Reviewed by Mark Opsasnick

Anyone who has spent any measurable amount of time studying the paranormal world around them can attest that “Weird” does indeed happen - with alarming regularity and perseverance. All of us strive to better understand the universe in which we live, a dizzying process where we search for answers to the swirl of mysteries that surround us. If you happen to spy a lumbering Bigfoot creature, encounter a ghoulish specter, or get buzzed by a speeding UFO, fear not, for among the multitudes who embrace such phenomena are intrepid ranks of able-bodied investigators who are more than ready to descend upon your hometown, document your intriguing story, and preserve your wondrous experience for future generations of paranormal devotees. It is for these investigators that Robert A. Goerman has written an indispensable, comprehensive guide on how to correctly, efficiently and thoroughly investigate most any case of unexplained phenomena.

Goerman presents his instructional material in ten different “parts” that, in terms of quality and content, run the gamut from essential preparatory reading (“Conducting Research” and “Recording Testimonial Evidence”) to practical applications for the individual researcher (“Establishing Yourself” and “Exposing Yourself”) to primers on open-minded approaches investigative work (“Out-of-the-Box Thinking” and “Maximizing Your Encounter”). For the intrepid individual who chooses to delve into the investigative end of unexplained phenomena, Goerman has constructed a thoughtful, intricate, step-by-step guide that provides vital information on how to research and document any type of mysterious event that unfolds on the horizon. Whether you are new to the subject of paranormal phenomena, or a grizzled veteran explorer with many strange field investigations behind you, WEIRD AMERICA should be a permanent part of your personal library.

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