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Strange Magazine Issue 23

The newest issue of Strange Magazine is now available exclusively online! Eyes have been seen to glow, flash, and even project beams of light! In issue 23 we investigate the phenomenon of animal and human eyeglow. Mystery objects imbedded in asphalt — known as Toynbee Tiles — have been sighted in locations from New York to Chile. Who could be making these mysterious tiles and what, if anything, is their meaning? Editor Mark Chorvinsky continues his two-decade-long investigation into a photograph of a large bird or pterodactyl affixed to the side of a barn, with some cowboy-types standing in front of it. This latest installment takes a look into the small but growing number of Thunderbird Photograph hoaxes. Vincent H. Gaddis looks into tales of huge sailing ships abandoned in the sands of the deserts of California's Imperial and Coachella Valleys. The Cottingley Fairies Photo case is examined by Douglas Petherbridge, who also reviews several Fairy feature films. Dr. Karl P. N. Shuker parades the marvelous and monstrous, including the short-lived enigma of Ward's Zebra, the Orange Squirrels of Boston, moose-cows, silver cats, whales with legs, Living Unicorns, Pseudo-Sea Monsters and the Hydra of Heracles, the Bones of the Thunder Horse; and the purple cow — from rhyme to reality! First Person is an ongoing collection of alleged firsthand experiences with the stranger side of life including Green Glowing Wood, the Potato from Elsewhere, a Grim Reaper Encounter, Chesapeake Bay Plesiosaur Sighting, a Translucent Pterodactyl, and more. Strange news from around the world includes the Sea Serpent of Cape Breton; Flattened Corn fields; Chilean Dinosaur Kangaroos; Furry Hopping Shark; Globster Identified; Iranian, Caspian and Ottawan UFOs; Ghosts in Plymouth Naval Docks; and Japanese Robot Gladiators.

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Online Magazine

Strange 22


In Strange 22 you will find the results of the ongoing investigation into accounts of a photograph of a large pterodactyl-like creature mounted on a barn, with cowboys in front of it. In this issue we focus on the Frontier Press and its coverage of monster cases. Also: previously secret information on the man who may have created the most famous Bigfoot of all, Mark Opsasnick's report on the infamous Luzo-Brazilian black magic cult, strange creatures galore in Dr. Karl P. N. Shuker's "Menagerie of Mystery," Greek forteana, and Letters from America's Roadside: "The House on the Rock." Dare you miss Douglas Petherbridge's and Dr. Paul Chambers' articles on nocturnal visitations — apparent manifestations of entities from beyond reality? Plus: reviews, clips and First Person — personal encounters with strangeness. CLICK HERE to find out how to purchase online access to Strange 22 and be on the cutting edge of strange phenomena investigation!

Strange 21


In Strange 21 enjoy the massive first part of Mark Chorvinsky's in-depth investigation into the Thunderbird Photograph, Mark Opsasnick's investigation of the infamous "Crybaby Bridge," an Exorcist Case Update, Ulrich Magin's revelations of the Cuxhaven Incident, Dr. Karl P. N. Shuker's "Menagerie of Mystery," and a look at a selection of Indiana "things." Also reviews, clips and First Person accounts of encounters with the unexplained. CLICK HERE to find out how to purchase online access to Strange 21.

Back Issues
Print Magazine

Back Issues

Before becoming an exclusively online magazine, twenty print issues of Strange Magazine were published. Nineteen of these back issues are still available for purchase exclusively from this site. At one time or another our print magazine covered crystal skulls, haunted places, time travel, underground mysteries, sea monsters, carnivorous plants, and many more unusual topics. Follow this link for descriptions of Strange Magazine back issues.

There is not a physicist in the world who can perceive when a parlor magician palms off playing-cards.

Charles Fort
New Lands (No subscription necessary)


A secret of power —
I think it's another profundity.
Do you want power over something?
Be more nearly real than it.

Charles Fort
Book of the Damned


NEWSCLIP ROULETTE Random oddness in the news...

Study of Sea Monsters Helps Greater Understanding
Dr. Charles Paxton, a researcher, statistician and ecologist at Scotland's University of St. Andrews, maintains that spottings of sea monsters are useful in more than one way. He notes that anecdotal evidence, when utilized in the correct manner, can provide information about both people's perception and the unexplained.

Time-Traveling Sea Monkeys
Sea monkeys (brine shrimp) travel through time in the normal way, but they get both the benefits and hazards of having sex with others of their species from different time-periods. This is because these other brine shrimp are in differing places in evolution.

The Most Mysterious Manuscript of All
The much-illustrated book known as the Voynich Manuscript (a.k.a. MS 408 in the Yale Library) is very old, nobody knows who wrote it, and nobody knows what it means. It could be outsider art or a channeled work or it could have deep meanings, possibly alchemical. It it has fascinated and confounded experts in many disciplines for centuries — including professional codebreakers.

"Secrets" Revealed of Area 51
Annie Jacobsen's recent book Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base would not have gotten the publicity that it did if it hadn't included the alleged secret of the Roswell crash, the nearly legendary occurrence in which an object found in June or July of 1947 near Roswell, New Mexico, was said by some to have contained possibly extraterrestrial occupants. Jacobsen's version is no less unusual.

Brave Mad World: The Control of Mind and Body
People who believe they have been targeted by mind control technologies have often been been met with skepticism or outright disbelief. Recent revelations concerning very real ongoing scientific research suggest that what these "targets" fear may soon actually be possible.

Primates in the News
Self-Medicating Orangutans, Monkey From Mars, Monkey Or Pig?. Primates — and strange facsimiles thereof — have been much in the news. Here are three cases of the animals' unusual behavior or appearance.

Teleportation Of Information
The development of quantum computing seems firmly on the way, now that information has been teleported about a meter — a milestone in quantum information processing.

The Foot At The Wrong End
Performing an operation on October 3, 2008, Dr. Paul Grabb was surprised to find a foot inside a newborn baby's brain. The brain surgeon also discovered what seemed to be coils of an intestine, as well as a developing hand, thigh and an additional foot — all of which endangered the child's life.

The Robot With Heart
If treated with affection, "He" becomes limp, "his" breathing and heartbeat relax, and "his" eyelids lower. "He" is a flexible plastic machine called the Heart Robot.

Fake Bigfoot On Ice
There was much excitement about a news conference that claimed there was a frozen Bigfoot carcass which would prove the reality the fabled man-ape. What followed was disillusioning.

The Mystical James Bond
The games played in the James Bond novels and movies go beyond the surface thrills. There are hidden meanings aplenty. Philip Gardiner's book The Bond Code: The Dark World of Ian Fleming and James Bond reveals how Bond-creator Ian Fleming's connections with the occult helped him create the mystique of his greatest creation.

The Bishop and the Little People
What a Catholic clergyman in New Mexico experienced may remind some of uncanny visitations — supernatural or extraterrestrial..."...gentle little people, about 3 to 4 feet tall, [...] wearing Halloween masks...."

The Controversial Crystal Skulls
In the 1980's investigator Mark Chorvinsky wrote two meticulously researched articles on the two original, controversial crystal skulls — the British Museum Crystal Skull and the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull. Now both articles are available, for the first time, online. They are a must-read for anyone interested in these mysterious artifacts.

Creating the Time Machine
Dr. Ronald L. Mallett's father died during the mid-1950s when his son was ten years old. The grief-stricken young Ronald delved into science fiction and found something that saved him from deep depression — the prospect of building a machine for traveling in time.

Chupacabra And/Or Very Ugly Coyote?
Phylis Canion discovered the body of what she believed to be a Chupacabra on her ranch in Cuero, Texas, in July of 2007. Initial DNA tests indicated that the animal was some sort of coyote, but Canion disputed that finding and had tests of her own done. Now the results are in.

BOOK REVIEW: WEIRD HAPPENS: Investigator Handbook
Robert Goerman has written a guide to the investigation of strange phenomena. Veteran investigator Mark Opsasnick reviews.

Online French UFO Archive
For thirty years, the French CNES (Centre National d'Études Spatiales — National Space Studies Center) had been amassing documents and statements concerning UFO (or more particularly UAP — Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena) incidents. Now this database of some 1600 incidents is online.

Beast in the Loch
Neil Clark, a painter as well as the curator of paleontology at the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow, Scotland, trotted out a somewhat familiar idea in the journal of the Open University Geological Society current to early March 2006. He contends that the Loch Ness monster may have been an elephant.

Head of the Dog
Ken Freedman, General Manager of New York radio station WFMU, came across the controversial story of dog heads being kept alive after removal from their bodies. Doug Chapman summarizes this strange case.

BOOK REVIEW: Labyrinth 13: True Tales of the Occult, Crime & Conspiracy By Curt Rowlett
Curt Rowlett's book is a labyrinth through which one travels to the less-explored reaches of forteana, occultism, crime, and unnerving doings.

The Exorcist's Assistant:
A Look Back at the Late Father Walter Halloran

Father Walter Halloran, best known for assisting in the exorcism of a Cottage City Maryland boy that later became the basis for the novel and movie The Exorcist, offered up an ever-changing story of what he saw take place during that exorcism. Mark Opsasnick, author of Strange Magazine's Haunted Boy article on the true story behind The Exorcist, gives his observations on Halloran and his relationship to the press.


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In Memoriam:
Mark Chorvinsky (1954-2005)

Editor/Publisher & Founder of Strange Magazine passes away.


Brave Mad World: The Control of Mind and Body

People who believe they have been targeted by mind control technologies have often been been met with skepticism or outright disbelief. Recent revelations concerning very real ongoing scientific research suggest that what these "targets" fear may soon actually be possible.

The Crystal Skulls

An in-depth look at the
controversial Crystal Skulls.

Time Travel

Is time travel possible? Numerous writers take a variety of approaches to this controversial topic.

Mad Scientists and the Movies

the Haunted Boy

Exorcist Update in Strange 21

Monkey Man

Douglas Chapman and Sherrill Roberts describe the results of a monster-inspired panic in India during 2001. Whether monster, monkey or man, its claimed depradations were reported worldwide.

The Mystery of Chance

Peter A. Jordan on Jung and the significance of synchronicity.

The Art of Honest Deception

Author/illusionist Vincent H. Gaddis explores how people are fooled.

The Definitive Sea Serpent

Matthew Bille on the seemingly inexplicable 1905 case in which two zoologists observed a "sea monster."


John Moore, Dr. Karl P. N. Shuker and Mark Chorvinsky discuss the mysterious carcasses that have washed up on the world's beaches.

Nessie and Other Lake Monsters

Tour our Loch Ness Monster primer. Also check out lake monsters such as:

Champ (VT/NY), the Lake Storsjon Monster(Sweden), Nahuelito (Patagonia), and Ogopogo (B.C., Canada).

Kurt W. Burchfiel's reports on his search for the beastie of Norway’s Lake Seljordsvatnet in The Serpent’s Tale.

How could Loch Ness support a breeding population of large crypto-creatures? One theory is provided in Rogue Nessie

The Jersey Devil of the Pine Barrens

Anthony Perticaro examines the fact and folklore of the Jersey Devil.

Ghost Con

Scott Bruffey visits a convention of ghost hunters in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and tries to get in the spirit.

Fauna in the Canon

Ronald Rosenblatt considers of some of the cryptozoological aspects of the Holmes canon.

Invaders from Elsewhere

Bruce Lanier Wright takes us on a whirlwind tour of the modern cultural history of UFOs.

Red Rain Editor Mark Chorvinsky explores the phenomena of red rain and blood showers.

Those Enigmatic Erratics

Phil Rife looks at cases of archeological oddities found in places that they should not be.


The Strange Report
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The Makeup Man
and the Monster

Mark Chorvinsky tracks down the rumor that Hollywood makeup master John Chambers fabricated the suit used in the Patterson Bigfoot film.

Some Thoughts About the Patterson Bigfoot Film on its 30th Anniversary

In October 1997 Mark Chorvinsky looked back on the most infamous bigfoot film, and found many reasons to be skeptical.


Rowlett Reports

The Curse of Palmyra Island Is the South Pacific atoll paradise Palmyra Island a cursed spot? It may be, according to columnist Curt Rowlett.

The Surrency Spooklight
A classic ghost light phenomena in the tradition of the Marfa Light in Texas and the Brown Mountain Light in North Carolina.

Mexico's mysterious zona del silencio — the "Zone of Silence" — may one of the world's weirdest locales. Scott Corrales reports in Beyond Reality:
Mexico’s Zone of Silence

Corrales on the Chupacabras

The UFO mega-hoax
The Ummo Experience

Puerto Rican Mystery Corpses

Paranormal Manimals In Latin America

The Anomaly Pages

News, information and reviews from the edge of science.

First Person

First Person letters and e-mail from individuals claiming weird encounters, including the classic Giant Shrimp in the Laundry Room.

E-mail your accounts of strange encounters here


Ghost reports, spooky spots, and occasional reviews of regional ghost publications.

Alien Skies

UFO clips from around the world

Mixed Bag

Peculiar People, Monsters & Mystery Animals, Psychic Pstuff, Animal Oddities: a Mixed Bag of Strangeness from strangemag Executive Editor Douglas Chapman.

Strange Web Mail

We welcome your questions, news, suggestions, articles, and reviews, as well as your strange encounters. Read others' letters and drop us a line while you're at it.

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